raspberry ketone pills

After Dr. Oz show the sales of raspberry ketones skyrocket; the reason is simple we all want quick results with little effort and that is exactly was raspberry ketone offers, a weightloss supplement pill that boost metabolism and provides extra energy with little work.

It all takes 1 pill of this ketone full extract to boost your metabolism that will burn those extra calories twice as fast in just one go, no exercise required. This is the best selling point that Dr. Oz highlighted on his famous USA show.

Ketone is a chemical compound found on fresh raspberries that have weight loss properties mentioned above. The problem is that fresh raspberries contain very little amount of this, to get the full weight loss effects you need a minimum of 300mg of pure ketone extract and this is what raspberry ketone max contains, a weight loss supplement pill made from 100% pure raspberry extract (300mg).

When Dr. Oz revealed this the USA vitamin and supplement stores got bombarded with buyers searching for the miracle pill.

Here is my personal review of this product.

Do not buy any supplement pill! The best way to lose weight is to do regular exercise and to follow healthy diets. This will always be the healthiest approach to the obesity problem.

Raspberry ketone supplements are made from raspberry extract however they are chemically made, although Dr. Oz highlighted that there are no side effects, my opinion is this: if something is made from chemicals it will result in some sort of side effects. I am always sceptical on short cuts.

Being said that…we know that there are many supplements that we take and we do not suffer from any side effects such as calcium supplement or magnesium supplement. In this case Ketone supplement.

Boosting metabolism will help in reducing weight however I personally think that taking this supplement alongside while doing regular exercise will result is far better results! Simply because you will boost your metabolism by taking ketone extract and while doing workouts you will burn not twice but four times more calories in one go!

There are other ways to boost your metabolism; the most common known is having a healthy 500 calorie breakfast, because starting your metabolism is the first step for losing weight. Eating certain foods can also increase the rate of burning body calories; just do a quick search online.

There is also a concept of negative calories such as celery; negative calories means that the body burn more calories digesting the food then what food as to offer in terms of calories. What this means if that lets say celery contains 17 calories however eating this burns 27 calories which results in negative calorie count.

So my friends this was my honest opinion on raspberry ketones and weight loss.