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David Sandoval is the founder and owner of Purium, a health and wellness company that provides natural and nutritious supplements and meal replacements. Sandoval has a long history with the company, having founded it in 1993 and leading it through decades of growth and expansion. Sandoval’s journey with Purium beganContinue Reading

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Spirulina, Seaweed, Vegetable Proteins

Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae that is rich in nutrients and often considered a superfood. With its high nutritional value, spirulina has been consumed as food for centuries in Central Africa. It is now widely used as nutraceutical food supplement worldwide.Continue Reading

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What is Purium? Purium is a company that sells health and fitness products like shakes, supplements, and powders. Their products are designed to help people with things like weight loss, detoxing, and staying healthy. The “Ten-Day Cleansing” program is a shortened version of the “Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation” (ULT) plan. ItContinue Reading