Capsaicin Chillis

The more body fat you burn the lighter you will get and this is what Capsaicin does, once Capsaicin enters to the body blood stream it forces the system to consume body fat as a source of energy. This is a new innovative way to lose weight fast.

Peppers, jalapeno and chillies are rich in Capsaicin therefore they are ideal source for quick and easy weight loss. However the Capsaicin comes in very little quantities, you must eat at least 30 jalapeno to get the full weight loss effect. My advice is to take supplement pills, these can cause some temporarily side effects such as stomach upset, dizziness and/or stool inconsistency  but once your body gets used to the substance you will start to noticing results.

Capsaicin is good for weight loss, however that does not mean that you shouldn’t do regular exercise. Exercise is still the best efficient way to lose weight.

Another good way to lose weight is having a fibre rich breakfast; Weetabix is good source for fibre, eating 3 Weetabix biscuit with semi skimmed milk, 2 times a day helps to flush all the body waste which in long term results in weight loss.

Everything single nutrient is good for health but overdoing it can cause negative effects, too much fibre for instance can cause diarrhea. So do not overdue in fibre.

Water can also help reducing weight, it helps to fill up the stomach and water is the only element that has zero calories. Again too much water is dangerous, it can dilute your salt levels and harm your kidneys.

The golden rule is to eat at least 1200 calories a day but do not exceed 2000 and burn at least 500 by doing regular exercise. This is an old but still the most effective way to reduce weight.

Regarding exercise by simply rope jumping (20 minutes) or waking for 60 minutes you will burn those 500 extra calories. No gym membership required.

If you follow the golden rule for at least 22 weeks you will lose at least 20lbs. The first 6 weeks are always taught but once your body gets used to the system you will lose weight naturally and feel great!


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