Divorcees are More Likely to Suffer From Heart Attack

A new study in the USA show that divorcees are more likely to suffer from a heart attack: fact! This study was performed on over 15827 people and showed that women have the worst affect in marriage and health.

The British Heart Foundation suggest to do more research before labelling divorce as a major heart attack culprit. We already know that death in family can increase the risk of a heart attack.

The science behind heart attacks are related to an increase of chronic stress levels.

This new study was performed on a course of 1992 till 2010 divorce cases and showed that 33% of people are divorced at least once in their lifetime!

Women who divorce once are 24% more likely to suffer from a heart attack, while women who have multiple divorces are 77% more likely to suffer another heart attack.

Divorced men have 10% chance of suffering a heart attack while men with multiple divorces have 30% more chances of suffering another heart attack.

But why divorcees are more likely to suffer from a heart attack?

The research suggest that changes in lifestyle are the culprit. When a person gets a divorce it suffers from multiple physiological tolls which can lead to depression, changes in immune system and an increase of chronic stress levels. These changes in lifestyle triggers the body to suffer a heart attack.

Therefore it is recommended that you to daily exercise as it is the best solution to combat chronic stress. Also make sure that you have a well balanced healthy diet. These are lifesaving changes that should be followed by everyone! Not just divorced couples.