There are a number of health benefits of eating an orange, here are 10 nutritional healthy facts of consuming an orange. History suggest that the first oranges where cultivated back in 2500bc in China, the Romans bought them in the first century AD from India and cultivated in North Africa in the same year; Christopher Columbus brought the seeds to Americas in 1493 and now oranges have been consume all over the world.

To cultivate orange trees you need good weather and fertilized soil and the largest producer of oranges in the world is Brazil (estimated 18.5 million tons a year).

Most people are used to drink fresh orange juices in the morning and there are huge health benefits to eating or drinking oranges, here are 10 nutritional facts of oranges:



  1. Helps Vision: as they contain carotenoid that after consuming converts in to vitamin A which is responsible for our vision.
  2. Good for reliving constipation: because oranges are loaded with healthy fibres that helps bowl movements
  3. Lowers cholesterol: soluble fibres found in oranges helps lowering cholesterol levels.
  4. Regulates Hearth: the potassium found in oranges helps to regulate hearth functions.
  5. Lowers the risk of getting a disease: oranges are a great source of vitamin C which helps to protect the body from getting a chronic disease.
  6. Protects against viral infections: studies show that the polyphenols found in oranges fights against viral infections.
  7. Prevents kidney diseases: drinking orange juices prevents kidney diseases such as kidney stones.
  8. Reduces risk of liver cancer: studies made in Japan show that vitamin A compound know as carotenoid helps to reduce liver cancer.
  9. Regulates blood pressure: due to the flavonoid hesperidin compounds found in oranges it helps to regulate high blood pressure.
  10. Protects Skin: oranges are a natural antioxidant and therefore it helps to stop the skin cells from dying in order words slows down the process of aging.


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