How To Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety

Social anxiety and shyness is a common problem, today we are going to find ways to overcome shyness and anxiety. Many young people suffer from this problem either at work or in social situations and this can lead to depression and social withdrawal.

Social anxiety is a psychological problem not a mental problem and there is no magic pill for overcoming shyness. Many doctors will recommend a psychologist to a child who suffers from social anxiety but for an adult this is not always necessary to overcome shyness.


It is true that from time to time we may feel depressed and the best thing is to avoid social contact, but if this becomes a habit it can lead to total social withdrawal which in long term can trigger many mental health problems such as schizophrenia and other more severe mental problems.

Humans are social animals and without social life the life itself can turn into a nightmare. Many find rescue in online world as it is more discrete but it is not the real world and if you are in work and you do not have social friends will be very hard to progress in your chosen career.


How to overcome shyness and social anxiety?

The only way to overcome shyness is to talk to people. Do not get afraid and people are human beings not machines, which means no one is perfect and mistakes lead to experience. The more experience you have the better you can perform in life and work.

Life experience means to perfect the human behaviour just like practice makes it perfect for an athlete. If you feel scared when around people, start with small groups and with small and simple talks and progress it slowly until you feel full confident that you can speak in a large group of people.

Confidence is the key for success in work and in life. Public speaking is fundamental to progress in career and to become famous. Many prime minister and MPs suffered from social anxiety and shyness at some point in their lives and see how successfully they become. You can also overcome your shyness and become more successful you just need to be more confidence and talk to people without fear.