Cigarette Smokers Are Linked to Develop Schizophrenia

A recent study made by the team on Kings College London suggest that cigarette smokers are 3 times more likely to develop schizophrenia.

Chances of developing schizophrenia is 1% for the general population, but if you are a regular cigarette smoker your chances of developing schizophrenia in younger age are 3% (3 time higher than non-cigarette smokers).

The team of Kings College London discovered that 57% of people of have develop schizophrenia are already cigarette smokers. This study is a small indication that nicotine found in cigarettes have drastic effects on your brain chemicals.

The study was performed on 14555 cigarette smokers and 273162 non-smokers and the results are as follows:

  • 57% of people who had at least 1 psychotic episode in their life are already cigarette smokers
  • Regular smokers have 3% chances of developing schizophrenia while the general population of non-smokers have 1% chances of developing this psychotic illness
  • Cigarette smokers are likely to develop schizophrenia 1 year earlier than non-smokers

More studies need to be done to get an accurate picture of why nicotine found in cigarettes have dramatic effects on the brain and forces it to develop psychotic episodes such as schizophrenia.

We already know that the majority of cannabis smokers are schizophrenic. But today we also know that cigarette smokers are also more likely to develop schizophrenia at younger age.

Smoking as you know is very harmful for your health. It has been proven to develop cancer and other lethal diseases. If you are a regular cigarette smoker and want to quit smoking, let me tell you that it takes at least 10 years for your body to self-rejuvenate itself from smoking damage.

It can also take up to 10 years for your body to slowly get rid of nicotine addiction. To read full side effects of smoking withdrawal read my earlier blogpost titled Quit Smoking Today – How to Quit Smoking Without Suffering from Withdrawal Symptoms.

Quitting smoking has huge advantages, you can save thousands of pounds over your lifetime in health and motor insurance if you are a non-smoker. Not to mention how many will you save on cigarettes itself! Therefore help yourself and quit smoking today!