7 Foods to Boost Libido in Males and Females

Today we will discuss 10 foods that can naturally boost and increase libido in males and females. This question has been asked several times in the Yahoo Answers websites.

There are many ways to increase sex drive in males and females, drugs such as Viagra helps in males and there are other similar for females but these drugs are made from chemicals that in long run can cause numerous negative side effects. Below are 10 foods that can naturally increase and boost sex drive/libido in males and females:


Celery may not be the first food type that comes to mind for increasing sex drive in males but celery contains androsterone, which is an releases an odorless hormone that turns women on. So my male friends if you want to turn on your female friends make sure that you eat plenty of celery before bedtime.


Raw oysters are naturally high in zinc which means it naturally increases testosterone levels and boosts libido in males.


Eating bananas regularly have been proven to reverse impotency in men. Therefore eating one banana everyday will ensure that you will have a long lasting libido in your life.

Almonds and Nuts

Eating almonds and nuts in general naturally increases sex drive in males (it increases testosterone levels in males).


Avocados contain high levels of vitamin B6 which is a key ingredient to increase sex drive in males. It also contains high levels of potassium which helps females to regulate their thyroid gland. This means eating avocado helps to boost libido to both men and women.

Mangoes and Strawberries

Mangoes and strawberries are great to increase and to boost libido in females. These fruits can also be used in foreplays which makes the sexual pleasure more exciting.


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