3 Foods to Eat that Increases Sperm Count and Volume

Today we will discuss 3 food sources to eat that increases sperm count and volume. If you are trying to conceive this article will help you to have a healthier pregnancy.

Many men face low sperm count problem in some point in their lives, today we will discuss 3 fruits and vegetables that help you to increase your sperm count and volume.

Sure there are many prescribed drugs over the counter to increase sperm count; and many of them do work! But I believe in natural and organic therapy. I truly believe that you should first try these natural therapies before jumping to medical prescribed drugs.

The reason I say that is because drugs can cause numerous long term side effects. As they will alter your body mechanism in the long run (by taking pills for long time).

Natural therapies are generally based on fruits, vegetables and exercise. Therefore they are less likely to cause negative long term side effects.

Our bodies are made from many things such as: bones, blood, muscle, tissue, etc. And the energy that thrives it is based on our metabolism. The food that we eat gives our bodies the energy to survive.

And this is what natural therapies believe in; if we eat the right food source that has the exact necessary nutrients that our body requires to (in this case to increase sperm count). We do not need drugs.

Medical drugs do the exact same thing, but they are made from chemicals instead. Therefore they are not organic or natural but artificially made by humans for short time benefits.


3 Food to Eat that Increases Sperm Count and Volume


Bananas are great source of vitamin A, B1 and C which helps the body to produce healthier sperm and its productivity. It also contains an enzyme called Bromelain, a natural anti-inflammatory that boost sperm count. Ideally you want to eat 1 banana every day.


Spinach are a great source of folic acid that helps to develop a healthier sperm. Eating spinach regularly helps to regulate folate levels of the sperm. This means you are less likely to produce a malformed sperm that can prevent it to reach the egg and conceive it naturally. This is why you should eat spinach regularly to prevent an abnormality of the birth because of a faulty sperm.


Broccoli are a great source of folic acid and vitamin B9. Men who eat broccoli daily will increase their sperm count by 70%. If you do not like broccoli asparagus is another great healthier alternative.


And lastly you want to do regular exercise such as walking or running for at least 40 minutes a day! Regular exercise will also increase sperm count and volume. (Note: Excessive heavy exercise will cause the opposite).

So there you have it! 3 food types that you should consider in order to increase your body sperm count and volume without medical prescribed drugs. If you follow all the tips above for at least 1 week you will notice a great healthier change in your sex life.