How I Lost 5Kg in 4 Weeks by Cutting Out Sugar


Today I want to share with you a personal experience in how I lost 5kg in 4 weeks by cutting out sugar. Every single food contains sugar and sugar are calories and no matter how small they are in quantity they always add up.

By cutting out sugar you will lose weight and today we will discuss exactly that! I have wrote an article about Stevia which is a sugar alternative that contains zero calories, you can read it here it is titled “Stevia the 300 times sweeter than sugar – zero calories! (benefits and risks)”.

Stevia is also found in many frizzy diets such as diet sodas. By simply switching from your regular soda to diet soda you can drastically lose weight by cutting out sugar. I have wrote a detailed article about this, you can read it here it is titled “Drop 10lbs in 12 Weeks – Swap Regular to Diet Soda”.

So you can see that by doing these simply little things will eventually help you to lose weight faster. Remember burning calories is not the solution. The solution is to be careful in what you eat. There is an excellent mobile app that helps you to manage your daily calories intake. It is called “Noom”.

The above app, allows you to logging your daily meals, which is an excellent way to write it down your daily calories consumption. Managing daily calories is required (optionally), but it can help you to manage your daily life routine. You can find out your daily, weekly and monthly calories intake. It has a huge database of foods and meals.

There was a study made in UK regarding exercise and calories intake, I have wrote an article about this you can read it here. It is titled “Dieting is Better than Exercise UK Studies Suggest”.

You do not have to be a diabetic to cutting down or cut out your sugar levels. Sugar is a slow poison that gradually prejudices your body (in long term). So my friends this was my analyses in how I lost 5kg in 4 weeks by cutting out sugar.


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