One of the best ways to buy our awesome products for a great deal is through buying direct from Purium. Buying Purium products online is fast and easy.  But beware the online stores (including Amazon) selling Purium direct.   As with any good thing, there’s always trouble lying in wait for you. For example, some sites out there are selling what they claim to be authentic Purium packages – but many of them are fake, expired or improperly stored! So how do you really know where to order your product online? Easy – just keep reading on and we’ll tell you where to shop for and buy Purium products!

The Purium Code for the best discount is HealthStatus

Purchase from the Purium or Platinum online store to insure:

  • You are getting the freshest products, not merchandise that is near or past expiration dates.
  • Products from Purium have been stored in a controlled environment
  • You get the best order pricing
  • You get Purium points for future purchases
  • You can use Purium gift cards to shop product.
  • Complete access to the Purium Customer Support team.
  • Purium’s generous product return policy
  • Assurance that you are getting the real product

When you are talking about putting food in your body, this is no time to take chances.  Online at the official store is the only place where to buy Purium products with full assurance.

Allergy Alerts for Purium Products

Fake products if you shop from other sites?

With technology, it’s easy to copy labels and you’ve probably heard about fake pharmaceuticals being sold on the Internet — unfortunately, wherever there are a few dollars being made, there will be counterfeit products that people buy. The best way to make sure you’re getting the real deal is to check out the Purium store on their site.

What about buying Purium from my Dietitian, Doctor, Nutritionist or other Professional?

All I can tell you is buyer beware!!  Ask them about their return policy.   Ask them if the product has been stored for long, and has always been in an environmentally controlled room.  Check the expiration dates on the products.  The powdered products should have a full two years before they expire.  Are they giving you a discount?  Are they giving you Purium Points?

You might ask, aren’t these other companies like any other company selling products? 

The answer is NO!!!!  Purium does not offer their products at wholesale prices to anyone.   Their business model is designed for direct sales only.  We have seen a number of Purium products listed on Amazon, including the Apple Berry Power Shake, Apothe Cherry, Super Meal, Super Amino 23, Biome Medic and even some bundles, like the ultimate lifestyle transformation.

So let’s compare this Purium order

If you buy 2 packages of Biome Medic through this link that includes our discount coupon, you would pay $70, as compared to the $120 retail price you pay on Amazon.  Not much of deal is it?

Biome Medic

So how do these companies get their Purium product?

They buy their product from the Purium online store, using all their knowledge and tricks within the system to get the best discounted price possible.  Purium then delivers the product to their office, or (worse) warehouse/garage, waiting and waiting for someone like you to order from them.   Since they know all the tricks, like smart orders, they may be able to get the product at a slightly better price than you (unless you buy through our links) which they markup some but still less than the Purium list price.  You cannot utilize discounts (like our gift card), or accumulate Purium Points (which you can trade in for gift cards or discounts on products) when making purchases through these organizations.

Can I buy Purium products from Amazon?

Sometimes Amazon shows Purium products, but you are not buying from Purium.  Purium does not sell their products through Amazon, an individual or company is buying product through the official website, then reselling on Amazon.  Again, no coupon codes, no Purium Points, no returns, no freshness guarantees.


Look, just use our Purium Coupon Code to get the best discount available online, shop directly from Purium and get all the benefits like:

  • A generous return policy (even on opened items)
  • The freshest product with the longest expiration date
  • Properly stored product (very important with supplements)
  • Purium customer service
  • No counterfeits (very important with supplements)
  • No worries

Where to buy Purium Products

Find out where to buy Purium here, don't fall for these online business traps.

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