Should I Order Pizza or Pasta at Pizza Hut

Today we will discuss should I order pizza or pasta at Pizza Hut. This article is based on my experience and knowledge in slimming down weight at Pizza Hut.

I love pizza! And I am sure that you love them to. I have wrote many articles about cutting down sugar, diet and exercise.

Last week at Pizza Hut my friends and I were discussing this topic. Should I order pizza or pasta?

So what we ordered? We ordered Pizza and Pasta! Both.

You see pizza comes in 2 varieties, thin crust and pan. If you are keen to lose weight I suggested them to choose thin crust vegetarian pizza and diet Pepsi. But then they ordered pasta because it is lighter than pizza in terms or calories and contains vegetables.

You see what makes pizza and pasta heavier in term or calories for obese people is cheese! Less cheese, thin crust and sugar free drinks is what you should order at Pizza Hut!

This was our analyses, and it is true that by simply eating pizza or pasta will not help you to lose weight. But you do not have to do diet all the time. There is always 1 Sunday each week where you can enjoy your favourite food! Pizza or pasta.

Drinking water instead of diet Pepsi is always a better choice! Fruits and vegetables contains lots of water and by simply eating them you will eventually consume sweeter taste of water!

So there you have it! My analyses of what you should eat at Pizza Hut; pizza or pasta. And remember that in order to burn those heavy calories you must do some sort of exercise. Walking is my preferred method to burn Pizza Hut calories!

By simply walking 2 hours at high street or mall you will enjoy shopping and burn calories! People will gradually notice your slimming down body, over time and you will enjoy life much better. Happy Holidays!