Do you think obesity is a choice of life? Find out all the facts about obesity in this short informative article.

Obesity is a global issue and it started from the beginning of the fast food and junk food lifestyle in society.

There are numerous health issues related to obesity, from: heart condition, diabetes, cholesterol, depression, etc.

The solution for obesity is simple: exercise and have a healthy diet. There are other more extreme solution such as liposuction, surgery or medications.


Is obesity a choice?


We should ask this question before we start debating about this issue. As you know, lifestyle hugely impacts in how we look and feel.

What we should eat, what we should do after a meal, where and how should we digest our foods is up to us. Or in other words is up to how our parents teaches us.

I am not blaming any parent regarding their child obesity but the fact is that the lifestyle that your children chooses will impact in how they will look physically and mentally.

A healthy mother will generally have a vaginal child birth while an obese mother is likely to have a c-section birth. And her child will inherit her and her partners genes. Which means that there is a 50% chance that the child will be obese.

The lifestyle choice that the mother took before child birth will impact in how their children will physically live.

Breast milk has been proven to improve child IQ levels and make the child bones and blood circulation healthier than taking formulated milk.

I know I may be sounding too harsh but young mothers but the fact is that your lifestyle will hugely impact how you and your child will live.

Do not get me wrong I also love Friday night dinner in front of my TV (watching Netflix). But if this habit happens frequently every day (if I choose to live that way) it is fun I know but it will drastically chance my body metabolism and get me obese.

Medication is another issue, many medical pills and tablets causes obesity as a side effect. You should be very careful in taking antipsychotics medications for your mental health (depression).

Is Obesity a Choice of Life? Facts About Obesity

Now if you choose to be more active what will happen?

Having an active life will drastically change your body appearance and your mental state. There are huge advantages of being active. Not to mention the more you work the more money will you earn in a lifetime (financially advantage).

Studies show that people who do regular exercise are 10 times less likely to suffer from a chronic depression.

So there you have it! Obesity is a choice of life! Make sure that you choose it wisely.