Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast Every Week at Home

Weight loss is an ever growing online trend. Today we will discuss a diet plan to lose weight fast every week at home without exercise.

The current fast food lifestyle has played a critical role is people lives. People health and fitness has dramatically affected by it. The fast food diet plan is an unhealthy choice and it can cause numerous health condition.

From type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiac diseases, impotence and weight gain. This is the reason why many doctors and health specialists recommend that you should consume at least 5 fresh fruits and veggies a day.

UK government has done many health, fitness and diet recommendations, such as: no fast food stores near schools. Plus it has also cut down salt and sugar levels in certain food types.

These recommendations are welcomed but more is necessary. People must acknowledge that they are consuming unhealthy food. After all it is their lives. They have to choose how they want to live, do they want to live healthy and longer or do they want to suffer from health conditions mention above.

In order to live life healthy people must have to take care of their diet and lifestyle. Below are 3 best practices to live life longer and healthier. A diet plan the guarantees to lose weight fast every week.


Diet Plan to Lose Weight Fast Every Week at Home

  1. Have a full 500 calories rich breakfast every day. Your breakfast must be rich in proteins, fibre and vitamins. A good suggestion would be: 3 Weetabix biscuits, warm skimmed milk and tea. Or 2 wholemeal toasts, baked beans and fresh orange juice.
  2. Instead of eating 3 full course meals throughout the day, split them in to 6. Ideally eat every 2/3 hours interval and each meal should not exceed more than 300 calories.
  3. Drink plenty of water a day and make sure that you never exceed 1800 calories a day. This way you will definitely lose weight every week, without exercise.

Men required 2500 calories a day while women 2000. Eating less means losing weight, this happens naturally and no exercise is required. So there you have it! A diet plan to lose weight fast every week without exercise.


Know your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)!  This number tells you how many calories you are burning each day just living your life.