Ever wonder why some people can eat anything, yet still, keep their fit bodies? On the other hand, there are people who tend to gain more weight despite eating too little. And no matter how hard they try to lose weight, their bodies won’t just cooperate. As it is, a Purium health product safely helps body burn fat. How?

Well, scientists finally know why. They figured that a key hormone called Adiponectin has a lot to do with these stages of increased weight gain, or weight loss. It turns out that this hormone converts fat into energy. Hence, if you have a lot of Adiponectin you will be lean. On the contrary, if you lack Adiponectin, you will have a far greater chance of being stuck with more fatty tissues.

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Moreover, when you eat carbohydrates your body converts that excess sugar into stored fat. However, if you have Adiponectin, it’s a different story. This hormone turns these excess sugars that would usually be stored as belly fats into glucose, to be used as energy to fuel your cells. Imagine what would happen if you lack Adiponectin. Your body will just continue to store excess fats into your belly instead of using them as energy.

Do you want to hear the good news? We bet you do.

Scientists have found out ways on how to raise your Adiponectin by as much as 40% within 3 months. Are you curious about how to get started? Click this Link!

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Key Points:

  • 1 Scientists have discovered a hormone that “skinny” people have more of than overweight people called adiponectin.
  • 2 This hormone is how the body turns fat into energy and therefore is how people gain or lose weight faster than others.
  • 3 There is a superfood that increases adiponectin and is sold in a diet plan that can increase adiponectin by 40% over 100 days.


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