Sugar and Salt Before Sleep - Solution for Insomnia

Here is a natural solution for insomnia patients. Take a small shot of sugar and salt before sleep and beat insomnia without medical intervention.

Insomnia affects millions people around the world and the number one cause of this sleep disorder is stress. There is an ancient Chinese medicine for this and it consist of a mixture of sugar and salt.

Most people know that high quantities of sugar and salt are harmful for health. But that does not mean that there are no positive side of these goods.

Taking small quantities of sugar and salt before sleep will act as a battery for the cells. The glucose found in the sugar will fuel that mitochondria and the sodium found on salt will balance that intercellular clefts that will enable proper respiration during sleep and provide energy.

As you can see these 2 will provide stress relieve solutions that will help your insomnia levels. Also note that the sugar will not cause hyperactivity as these are small amounts that it will be used as a therapy medication.

The sugar will also send signals to the brain and body to stop stress hormones and the salt will maintain the homeostatic state and keep adrenaline under control.

The ratio of sugar and salt should be 5:1. Meaning for every 5 teaspoon of sugar there should be 1 teaspoon of salt. Mix these in a jar and at night just take a small shot before sleep and hopefully you will have a good night sleep.

Also note that this herbal medicine is not advisable for diabetic patients nor to people with hypertension. Unfortunately for these patients medical intervention is the only way. There are many stress relief exercises that can be done to help sleep but if these are not enough medical intervention is not a bad idea (despite the side effects of medication).