Lose 1kg or 2.2lbs in 11 days with Weetabix and Banana

Today I will share with you my best diet plan ever which helped me to lose 1kg or 2.2lbs in just 1 week. That is a reduction of 3kg or 6.6lbs in 1 month. This best diet plan ever consist of just 2 things: Weetabix and banana.

I recommend that you read my previous blogpost titled How I Lost 30Kg in 6 Months the Best Diet Plan Ever before reading this post. I successfully managed to lose 30kg in 6 months and in today’s article I will show you how I did it in the first week.

Lose 1kg or 2.2lbs in 11 days with Weetabix and Banana

The most important thing to know before you start a diet plan is to know how many calories you consume and how much do you require to lose weight. Counting every single calorie intake is a must!

There are many mobile apps to calculate calories intake or you can simply use a calculator. Most foods will have a label in the side of the package with calories and nutrition information. When you open these packages count the calories before eating.

I really suggest you download a BMR calculator app and found out your BMR or basal metabolic rate. This number is what you need to know before you start your diet plan. BMR is a number that tells you how many calories your body requires to survive (breathing and blood circulation).

I was 108kg back then and my BMR was calculated at 1800 calories a day. I was consuming over 2400 calories a day. You may know that men requires 2500 calories a day and women 2000 calories a day but this number varies from age, height and weight. This number is not BMR, this number is BMR + daily activities. Which means an average men requires 2500 calories to survive and to perform daily tasks (work, walking, driving, etc).

To lose weight or to start a diet you use BMR calculations and count your daily calorie intake.

Weetabix is a healthy food type for breakfast and banana is a health fruit that can be consumed whenever you feel hungry. These 2 foods can easily fill up your stomach and they are very low in calories. To lose 1kg or 2.2lbs in 1 week you should have a healthy breakfast and in my opinion there is nothing like Weetabix and banana.

When I lost 30kg in 6 months I used to skip lunch and when feeling hungry I used to eat 1 banana. Drinking 5 litres of water a day also helped med to keep my stomach filled up.

3 Weetabix biscuit with warm semi skimmed milk is around 354 calories. 1 banana is around 80 calories but the secret behind these 2 food types is that they fill up stomach and only adds 434 calories. Which means you have around 1366 calories to play with for the rest of the day.

Drinking 5 liters of water is meanwhile will really help you to eat less and feel fill up. Water is zero calories and the only downside of this is regular urination, which is not bad because you are flushing off waste from your body. This will help you to reduce body weight.

Here is a brief calculation for you:

7700 calories is 1kg in reduction.

2500 daily calories – 1800 calories (BMR) = 700 less calories a day

400 calories burn in exercise x 7 days = 2800 calories burn in 1 week from exercise

(700 less calories day x 7 days) + 2800 calories weekly exercise = 7700 calories less a week which means a reduction in 1kg or 2.2lbs!

So there you go the best diet plan to lose 1kg or 2.2lbs in 1 week, now read my early blogpost How I Lost 30Kg in 6 Months the Best Diet Plan Ever