It’s not always easy or fun to take care of your health. It is often seen as something we must do every day, or a tedious chore. Maintenance is not something that people look forward to.

This was until I discovered teire.

Teire is a Japanese term which directly translates into ‘take care of’. It is used to describe things that are maintained regularly. Teire is required for all material objects, including gardens, homes, cars, clothing, and automobiles. The idea is that valuable possessions can easily become burdensome and unaffordable without it. This weakening process doesn’t happen overnight but gradually creeps in as our priorities shift and our efforts diminish.

However, the way teire is used can be different from maintenance. This made a big difference in how I saw the act.

Teire is the idea that we become attached to the things we have carried for many years and are proud to use, fix, and grow with them. It could be fixing up the floorboards in our first house or repairing buttons on a jacket that we’ve worn since high school. Any act of restoration that is done with care, such as polishing old silver jewelry or replacing batteries in old watches, is a sign of teire.

Probably, you have something that shares this feeling. It’s likely that you have felt it and known it before. Teire allows us to feel a deeper love and respect for our possessions than we can with single-use items.

Although it is often considered difficult to maintain and care for your items, if you slow down and take the time to notice, you will find that it can be a source of pride and joy. This attention can be extended to our bodies and we can see taking care of ourselves as something to look forward too.

Walking, stretching our legs, eating healthy food, and taking the time to cook nutritious meals. It’s possible to feel inspired by the simplest of tasks.

You may feel stressed or tired about taking care of your own health. Slow down and notice what you really are getting tired of. Do you have a different perspective? What could you do to make it more exciting and refreshing?

Maintaining your health is not a goal or a physical accomplishment.  It should be seen as an emotional journey that you love and a love for the process.

The former may bring you peace and calm. You might find joy again in eating healthy and being active.

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