Basil Natural Stress Relief - 7 Health Benefits of Basil

Basil has many health benefits today we are going to talk about 7 health benefits of consuming basil, including stress relief.

Basil is not only a tasty ingredient to spice up your meals but a powerful herb with many health benefit and it is consumed all over the world. The Greeks consider Basil sacred while in India is symbolized as hospitality.

Basil is well known the richness of flavor that it gives and it is a powerful natural stress reliever but it also has may other benefits, below are 7 health benefits of consuming Basil as a medical herb:

7 Health Benefits of Basil

Basil reduces stress

It contains phytochemicals that lowers cortisol which is the stress hormone, this means Basil is a natural stress reliever. It also has antianxiety effects which helps to feel calm in stressful situations.

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Basil is good for the liver and detox

Adding Basil in your drink helps to fully detox your body from harmful toxins, this means Basil is great ingredient for your liver and kidneys.

Basil reduces inflammation

Over consumption of Basil can help to relive symptoms associated with inflammation such as arthritis.

Basil can prevent cancer

Because Basil is full of antioxidants it can protect cells and improve their health, this can prevent various cancers.

Basil reduces glucose levels and improves blood circulation

Cinnmanic acid is found in this herb that not only regulates blood sugar but also improves blood circulation. In order words Basil helps to improve respiratory conditions.

Basil is rich in iron

1 teaspoon of Basil provides 10% of daily recommended dose of iron just like spinach which is great for many health conditions.

Basil is good for your heart

The magnesium found in Basil makes it very effective in regulation blood flow which helps to improve many heart related problems. It also lowers cholesterol which means it can reduce the chances of suffering from a heart attack.