Sleep Apnoea is Linked to Memory Loss Study Say…

A study made in United States suggest that sleep apnea is linked to memory loss. This study was performed on people aged 55 and over and there where over 2400 candidates check-ups.

Sleep apnea is a growing problem and it can be prevented with simple lifestyle changes. This is why this medical study findings were important for future and current patients.

Sleep Apnea and Uneasy Breathing

Sleep apnea condition simply means to have the muscles around the throat that block the airway which in other words creates difficulty in breathing.

Patients with sleep apnea condition are often loud snorers and they are often waked up several times at night. Researchers are very concern about this because this condition can damage vital organs including the brain. Low oxygen levels in the body can slow down body functions and side effects such as memory loss is not surprising.

Plus people with snoring problems are likely to suffer an earlier heart attack in life. This is why sleep apnea can be dangerous, it not only damages your brain functions but also increases the risks to a heart attack.

The study also showed that people with this condition suffer from extreme memory and thinking problems in their late 70s which is 10 years earlier than people with good sleeping habits.

How to prevent sleep apnea?

Simple life changing habits can cure sleep apnea condition. For instance in many consuming foods you are allergic to can cause blocked airways in the throat during sleep. These are allergic reactions therefore your first step should be to find out if you have any allergic reactions with any sort of food type.

And lastly doing pranayama daily will help to unblocked throat airway and cure sleep apnea. Pranayama simply means to breathe in with one nostril and breathe out with another nostril. This exercise if performed daily can also improve your brain and body functions.