3 Reasons Why You Are Exercising but Not Losing Weight

I am almost 30 and I know that many people on this age group find themselves exercising but not losing weight, here are 3 big reasons why this is happening!

After 30 your body metabolism gradually starts to slowdown and this is the reason why it is harder to lose weight after age 35, but that does not mean that you cannot lose weight! You can lose weight at any stage of your life all you need is hard work and dedication.

But what if you are doing regular exercise (lots of hard work and dedication) and still not losing weight? Below are 3 biggest common reasons why:


3 Reasons Why You Are Exercising But Not Losing Weight

Not drinking enough water

When you exercise your body starts to lose body fluids and not drinking enough water can cause dehydration and many other health problems. You should drink at least 3 litres of water a day, drinking less water will prevent your body mechanism to reduce weight.

Not cutting down on sugar

Another big mistake that people do while on their journey of losing weight is that they do not cut down their sugar intake. Doing exercise burns calories but if you continue to eat sugary snacks such as chocolate, cakes, etc. you are basically nullifying all the hard work. If you really want to lose weight you must avoid sugary tasty foods.

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Not cutting down on alcohol

People aged 30 are usually regular alcohol drinkers but alcohol is very high in calories and sugar. By simply drinking 2 pints of beer a week you are nullifying all the exercise you have done in the past 1 week! This is how calorie and sugary high alcohol drinks are, therefore if you are really serious in losing weight you must stop heavy drinking while on the course of losing weight.