Chiropractic care is becoming part of the normal routine for adult’s health and wellness.  Many people go monthly, if not more.  The benefits of chiropractic care though are not just limited to adults.  Chiropractic care can also benefit children of any age, even infants. 


Causes Of Misalignments

Children play, fall, and bump constantly in their daily little lives, and of these bumps or falls can cause misalignments in their spines, necks, or shoulders. 

A pediatric adjustment will not look like an adult adjustment.  It will be fingertip pressure that is put on the child, and little popping noises may be heard but aren’t always.  Significantly less force will be used on a child than on an adult.  


Spinal Misalignment Symptoms

Spine misalignments can cause lots of trouble in children just as it does in adults.   It can cause constipation, digestive issues, limited head and neck mobility, uneven shoulders, and irregular sleep. 

Infants who suffer with breastfeeding problems, reflux, colic, issues crawling or standing, or digestive issues could benefit from a chiropractic adjustment. 

Children and adolescents can benefit as well.  Reasons for you to seek out a chiropractor for your child or adolescent are if they suffer from headaches, scoliosis, spinal misalignment, asthma, growing pains, constipation, urinary incontinence, or digestive issues. 

If your child has chronic ear infections, cold, flue, sore throat or immune system response issues. 

If there has been an accident, trauma, or sports injury. 

Some people seek chiropractic help if their child suffers from delayed speech, autism, or ADHD.  


Is a spinal alignment safe for a child?

Many people worry about the effects of chiropractic adjustments on children.  There are no adverse reactions.  Nor will your child suffer any pain during their treatment.  They may have a moment of discomfort but it should subside and feel better within a few seconds or minutes.  Chiropractic care could be essential for proper development in children who are continuously growing and bodies are changing.  


Health Benefits Of A Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustments can support a better immune system.  Relieving pressure on pinched nerves can help the body’s immune system work better.  It can help decrease sickness time, or prevent sickness before it can flare up. 

If your child seems to be chronically ill, it can help alleviate bouts of continuous sickness. It may improve digestion, relieve constipation, alleviate reflux or decrease stomach pain all things your child may be complaining about.  

Another benefit is it can help improve sleep.  Sleep is essential for our children.  They need sleep to help their bodies grow.  If they don’t get a good night’s rest everyone involved may suffer.  A chiropractic adjustment can help release stress throughout the body.  It can also release tensions that can disrupt sleep. 

Spinal misalignments or tight muscles could also be the culprit of bed wetting.  Getting an adjustment may help that problem as well.  

Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to help improve behavior in children as well.  Stressed kids may act out because they don’t know any other way to cope with the stress.  Stress can be internally in their body.  A realignment can help alleviate that stress in the body.  To help improve mood and attitude. 

In infants chiropractic care can be helpful shortly after birth.  Birth is traumatic, and can cause the baby to be bent and twisted in crazy positions.  This can lead to them having breastfeeding problems and the inability to latch on properly.  An adjustment can also help with colic, or reflux.  A realignment of the spine, neck, and shoulders may help an infant be able to properly latch and breastfeed normally. 

Another bonus of a chiropractic adjustment in kids is that it can help support proper brain development.  Releasing pressure on joints, bones, and the entire spine can help the brain and nerves work better.  It can support better concentration, and reduce hyperactivity.  Some children who have ADHD have used chiropractic adjustments as a helpful way to stay focused and calmer.  



Chiropractors are not just for adults’ well being.  They can be extremely beneficial in all stages of life.  Some people are scared of the chiropractor thinking they will cause harm to their child. 

Pediatric chiropractic adjustments are much different than adults.  Less pressure is used, only fingertip pressure.  There have been no signs of adverse reactions. 

It can help your child’s development overall, help reduce injuries that a child is likely to have, and help with their overall sleep and development.  


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