11 Side Effects of Coffee Overconsumption and Dangers

Coffee is a favourite drink for many especially in the morning breakfast but coffee has many dangerous side effects, today we are going to reveal 11 harmful side effects of overconsumption of coffee.

I love coffee but from now on I will be careful…

Coffee can give you an instant boost of energy but it has 11 harmful side effects that are listed below:

  1. Drinking more than 4 cups of coffee a day is link to early death. A study found from Mayo Clinic revealed 21% of men early deaths were linked to overconsumption of coffee.
  2. Coffee has high levels of caffeine that raises blood pressure which is dangerous for people who already are suffering from hypertension. A study was made and volunteers where given 250mg of caffeine which is equivalent of 2 cups to coffee and when they took that after 2-3 hours their blood pressure went to the roof.
  3. Coffee is also linked to gout attacks. Although the risks are low compared to white meat but caffeine can trigger gout flare ups.
  4. Coffee can cause incontinence specially in women who drink too much coffee.
  5. Caffeine can cause insomnia. Drinking too much coffee can give you a boost of energy but overconsumption of coffee can cause symptoms of insomnia.
  6. Coffee can cause indigestion. People have reported indigestion when drinking coffee on an empty stomach.
  7. Coffee is linked to headaches and migraines. This may sound strange because caffeine can provide relive from headaches but studies suggest that an overconsumption of coffee can trigger headaches for some.
  8. Coffee can reduce fertility in women. A study was done in the University of Nevada that showed that an overconsumption of coffee in women causes infertility. In other words that chances of these women to become pregnant are drastically reduce by 27%.
  9. Caffeine is not good for type to diabetic patients. A study was made in America and showed that glucose levels are impaired for those who have type of diabetes.
  10. Coffee can cause forceful heath contractions which can lead to heart attacks. Studies show that an instant energy boost that coffee provides causes forceful heart contractions which in long term can trigger heart attacks of any other heart conditions.
  11. An overconsumption of coffee can lead to anxiety and depression.