Get you 30s look back even after 50+

Women are over conscious of their looks, men are also and having a young and vibrant skin makes a huge difference. Looking young is sign of being healthy, here are some fruits and foods that will help you to maintain and regain your youth back!

As we age we start to notice physical and psychological changes in our lives. We are focusing on physical changes in this article, mainly: wrinkles, fine lines, hair color, skin thickness, bone and muscle weakness. These however can trigger psychological changes such as depression.

As we age our bodies start to produce less and less proteins, amino acids and these hormonal changes are noticed in our physical health. Injecting these vital nutrients will ensure that young and vibrant skin is maintained and it is lasting longer. Plastic surgery is a drastic and expensive option, below are some natural options that could archive similar results.

Vital Nutrients to Look Young

There are 7 vital nutrients required for a young and healthy looking skin, these are:

Vitamin A is responsible for the repairing of damaged skin; Vitamin C manages wrinkles and overexposure of the Sun. Vitamin E prevents cancer and reduces wrinkles; Zinc produces important skin oils; Omega 3 is responsible for the moisture and skin repair. Silica maintains muscle tissue, hair and bones and finally Selenium reduces skin and breast cancer.

Anti Ageing Foods for Skin:

  • Carrots (vitamin A)
  • Sweet potato (vitamin A)
  • Guava (vitamin C)
  • Oranges (vitamin C)
  • Spinach (vitamin E)
  • Avocados (vitamin E)
  • Oyster (Zinc)
  • Eggs (Zinc)
  • Flax seed (Omega 3)
  • Leeks (Silica)
  • Mango (Silica)
  • Brown rice (Selenium)
  • Brazil nuts (Selenium)

With these vital nutrients you can physically look 10 years younger, many women in their 50s have successfully turn the clock and archive mid 20s early 30s look. You can too!