Cancer is Pure Strike of Bad Luck Studies Suggest

Studies suggest that acquiring cancer is pure strike of bad luck, lifestyle only affects 1/3 of the cases. This study shows that it is a roll or dice that decides if a DNA acquires mutation that leads to cancer or not.

Before this study most people thought that lifestyle played a critical role in the process of acquiring cancer. Although this is true but studies suggest that only 1/3 of cases cannot be affected with lifestyle. This means that 2/3 of cancer cases are unavoidable regardless of lifestyle changes.


Obesity and smoking do affect the chances of acquiring DNA mutation that leads to lung cancer or colon cancer but other cancer cannot be affected with these 2 lifestyle choices.

This study was done in USA and showed that 6.9% of people with develop lung cancer, 0.6% will develop brain cancer and a small 0.00072% will develop tumour in their laryngeal cartilage in some point in their lifetime. These are avoidable as cigarette smoking toxins can lead to lung cancer.

But these are small numbers and majority as we know are unaffected with smoking or diet therefore these are pure results of bad luck of DNA mutation that lead to cancer.

So what does this mean? This means that having cancer is pure bad luck and nothing more. Every healthy person can acquire cancer in their lifetime without affecting how they choose to live. But a good healthy lifestyle can reduce 1/3 of chance of acquiring cancer in your lifetime.

Therefore it is best to have a good balanced diet to avoid cancer mutation and to avoid other health issues. A well balanced diet consist of healthy greens, proteins and vitamins. These vital nutrients will drastically reduce your chances of acquiring cancer and other health problems in your lifetime.