Do Diet Pills Really Work in Losing Weight?

There is no secret to lose weight it only requires 2 things: a healthy balanced diet and exercise. But yet people find it very hard in following these simply rules and think to switch from the traditional methods into medicine. But do diet pills really work? And are they safe to use? Today we are going to answer these frequent asked questions.

Recent studies suggest that over 1/3 of global popular is overweight or obese. These are chocking results and what is more chocking is that the pools suggest that these number could rise even more if we do not change our lifestyle habits.

Since fast food invention people started to adopt bad eating habits, do not get me wrong I do love junk food and it is convenient especially when you only get 45 minutes lunch break. But junk food as name suggest is pure junk and whenever junk accumulates in the body it will turn the body into a waste system.

Junk food over time creates lot of health issues such as: weight gain, cholesterol, diabetes and many other heart conditions. This is why having a healthy balance diet with lots of greens and with some regular exercise the body stays fit and the life expectancy extends. Read my earlier blogpost where I wrote: Eat 7 Portions of Fruits and Veg a Day and Beat Cancer

Obesity causes numerous health conditions, some have been mentioned above. This is the reason why people should do regular exercise. Plus doing regular exercise will make your body looks a lot sexier in the beach and impress the opposite sex or make your partner jealous 😛 hehehe

There has been lots of changes in the medical field. Technology advancements have changes the world and with research doctors and scientist have found more new and innovative ways to help people needs.

Medical advancements and research made medical pills more efficient with less negative side effects. But there is always a risk since there is no way at least for now that there will be zero side effects in taking medical pills.


So do diet pills really work in losing weight?

The answer is yes. It does work and many medical professionals do prescribe these diet pills. Doctors also say that these pills are supplements not magic pills you must follow the traditional methods mentioned above along with these pills. Taking pills alone will not result in weight loss but taking pills as a supplement will provide faster results.


Are the diet pills safe to use?

It depends. As I said there has been lost of advancements in medicine and with research medical pills are getting safer with less side effects. But these side effects do not affect everybody. Every single person is different and side effects may show to some and not for other. So the answer is yes they are safe (in an extend) but it can show long term negative side effects.


So what is the conclusion? Should I take diet pills or not?

If your doctor thinks that you should he or she will prescribe you a diet pill, personally I think that natural and traditional methods are safer than medicine. But in some cases of obesity where traditional methods are out of the question and medicine or surgery is the only option I think then you should take these drugs.