migraine headaches

Around 30 million people are affected by migraine headaches and it can be scary as some suggest that they felt like they had a brain tumor or something, the pain is that dreadful; and it can last from few hours to few months. It really affects people daily lives and lifestyle but there are things that you can do to prevent and cure migraine headaches.

There are prescription drugs for migraine headaches but they can cause numerous side effects and taking drugs regularly is not good for your body and brain. Here are some natural remedies that you should consider to get relief from migraine headaches.


Find the source that triggers migraine headaches

The most common sources that can trigger migraine are: stress, cheese, dairy products, monosodium glutamate, onions, alcohol, eggs, gluten and the biggest one caffeine. Many people are not aware that caffeine is among the biggest cause of migraine, it sounds surprising since caffeine boost your energy levels but studies suggest that your coffee has a nasty effect on your body and brain and it can trigger migraine headaches, so do not abuse on caffeine.


Ways to prevent migraine attacks

Drink at least 2 litres of water a day to stay hydrated, maintaining your body cool is a good way to prevent migraine attacks; also go regular exercise as this creates a good blood circulation that helps headaches and can cure other medical conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Getting enough sleep is also recommended, ideally 8-9 hours and at night. A good sleep will provide a good rest for your brain so it can restart again with all the daily activities.

Avoid fast food as they generally contain cheese and gluten also avoid fragrances as they can also trigger an migraine attack and if you are a women check your hormones and thyroids so doing regular blood test is recommended.


How to cure migraine headaches without prescribe drugs

If you are already suffering from an migraine attack wrapped an ice pack towel and place it under your neck this will help to relief the pain and there are also herbal oils that you can use, these can be easily found on herbal stores just ask the counter lady. That is it!