How to Lose Weight in a Week Fast Without Exercise

Today we will discuss how to lose weight in a week fast without exercise. Lots of people struggle to lose weight and their main concern is finding time to do regular exercise.

But guess what! You can lose weight without exercise and today we will discuss exactly that. I have also wrote an article titled “Dieting is Better than Exercise UK Studies Suggest” which you can read it here by clicking the highlighted link.

I do recommend that you read the above article. It will help you understand the science behind weight loss.

In order to lose weight fast in a week, you first must weight yourself to find out your BMR or basal metabolic rate. This number will guide you in to losing weight fast in a week (guaranteed).

Just to let you know that for every 3500 burned you will lose 1lbs. Because the title of this article is to lose weight without exercise, this means that instead of burning calories you must consume 3500 less calories in a week.

3500 / 7 days = 500 less calories a day!

Once you know your BMR all you have to do is to eat 500 calories less a day and you will lose 1lbs a week, guaranteed!

There are lots of free mobile apps that let you calculate your BMR, it is based on your current weight, height and age. Just enter these 3 basic details you will get your BMR.  You can go to the free Health Surgeon BMR Calculator by clicking on this LINK!

For example lets say you BMR is 2000 calories this means that in order to your body to survive for a day it needs at minimum 2000 calories for breathing, blood circulation, etc.

In order to lose 1lbs a week you just need to eat 500 less calories a day or 1500 calories. I recommend that you download a free mobile app called “Noom” that allows you to login your daily meals. It has a huge database of foods that really helps to manage how many calories you have consumed a day.

That is it! Just follow all the above tips and you will lose weight fast in a week without exercise, guaranteed!