4 Possible Reasons Why You Are Still Not Losing Weight

You are doing regular exercise and eating the right food and still not losing weight! Below are 4 possible reasons why weight loss is not happening at your predicted pace.

Every doctor or health specialist will tell you that in order to lose weight you must do 2 things: regular exercise and eat healthy. There is no secret for weight loss and still people find it difficult to lose weight.

There are 4 possible reasons why people find it difficult to losing weight and below are these 4 possibilities:

#1 Overeating

Eating green foods, low calorie foods are great for weight loss. However it is really easy to carry away eating, overeating is a number one cause for weight gain. You should always count the calories that you are consuming. Fruits and vegetables are great source of vitamin and minerals but they do have calories. And if you overeat salad you will add few extra pounds in just a few weeks. Ideally you should eat 20% less than your BMR in order to successfully losing weight.

#2 You are Not Drinking Enough Water

Another good reason why you are not losing weight at the pace you wanted, maybe because you are not drinking enough water after each workout. Water is an essential mineral that your body requires to hydrate and to lose weight. Whenever you do workout you will be losing water from your systems and you need to rejuvenate your body by drinking enough water. Ideally you should drink 3 litres of water a day.

#3 You are Only Focusing on Cardio Exercise

Cardio is the best exercise for the body, however only focusing on cardio exercise will not help you to lose weight fast. If you want to lose weight twice as fast you must mix up exercise workouts such as: push ups, aerobics or swimming. Do not get me wrong doing just cardio exercise will eventually help you to lose weight but in order to lose weight faster you must mix up with other exercise workouts. Ideally you should burn at least 500 calories a day or 3000 calories a week from exercise.

To determine how many calories you are burning doing over 100 various activities try Health Surgeon’s Calories Burned Calculator.

#4 Not Being Consistent

How many times you have stop doing exercise because you are not getting results?! If you want to lose weight you must be consistent with the plan that your gym professor has given you. You should never skip an exercise plan, it normally takes 3 months for you to start seeing results. Generally speaking you can lose up to 40kg or 90lbs in a year if you be consistent with your diet and exercise plan. I have seen many obese people who have successfully lost 90lb in just 12 months by being consistent!

There you have it! 4 possible reasons why you are still not losing weight. Make sure that you follow all the above and start losing weight at the pace you desire.


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