Pregnancy Hormone Link to Poor Maths Skills (Thyroid)

This study suggest that having a good health during thought pregnancy really impacts that future of our children.

The scientist from the VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam, led by Dr. Martijn Finken suggest that children in primary school whose pregnant mothers had low thyroid levels during early pregnancy developed low maths skills however language skills were unaffected.

Will these problems affect after childhood is still to be answered. What this study shows is that mental health and brain development stars from the first day of pregnancy.

There is a reason why a small percentage of children have an IQ of genius. It is true that genes do affect the brain development but it is also true that most IQ genius children are born from parents with normal IQ levels, this is maybe due to, as studies suggest, the optimum health during throughout pregnancy.

These findings are really helpful and more studies should be done to our better future. Children are the future and better children means better future. This is another reason why we should invest more in health sector and science sector.

Human brains are developed in a way that it will always learn new things but what differs the most is how long does it take to learn new skills and abilities this is what IQ levels are design for.

So my message to you is take care of your wife and if you are pregnant take really good care of yourself! Those 9 months can really decide the future of your children.