About 7 percent of people has Hypothyroidism and although it is more common in women, men also develop it over time. Studies show that 1 in 50 women has Hypothyroidism condition and about 1 in 1000 men develop this disease over time.

What is Thyroxine and Hypothyroidism?

Thyroxine: is a hormone made by the thyroid gland in the neck. And it is responsible for the body metabolism function as it carries around the body via bloodstream.

Hypothyroidism: Hypothyroidism is a medical term given to describe whenever there is low level of thyroid hormone (thyroxine) in the body. Hypothyroidism causes several symptoms ranging from: weight gain, constipation, tiredness, aches among many others. Common treatment for hypothyroidism is taking tablets to replace the missing thyroxine (thyroid hormone) in the body.


What are the common and less common symptoms of hypothyroidism?

Whenever there is lack of thyroxine hormone the body metabolism slows down and as a result body suffers from several side effects or symptoms and they are:

  • Common symptoms: weight gain, constipation, aches, feeling cold, eczema, hair loss and depression.
  • Less common symptoms: infertility, loss of libido, numbness, memory loss and in women irregular menstrual periods.

If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms it is recommended that you see your doctors and do a blood test.


What will happen if I do not see my doctor or leave it untreated?

If you left your Hypothyroidism condition untreated can cause serious problems in the long run. There is an increased risk of suffering a heart attack or any heart related disease. It can also cause cholesterol and in extreme cases (although rare) coma.

Therefore it is recommended that you see your doctor and do a blood test, plus there is an excellent chase of recovering from Hypothyroidism.


Hypothyroidism autoimmune

What causes hypothyroidism?


There are many things that causes Hypothyroidism but the most common is due to autoimmune disease. Normally the immune system creates antibodies to attack bacteria or viruses but with an autoimmune disease the body creates antibodies that attack its own thyroid gland. Why does the body do that? Nobody knows for sure.


Other common causes of Hypothyroidism are:

  • Family history
  • Downs syndrome
  • Type 1 diabetes


How to treat Hypothyroidism at home?

There are not many home treatments for Hypothyroidism, tablets works to treat this disease. However just like other medical conditions a good diet and a good lifestyle can help to treat this condition. Since Hypothyroidism slows down the metabolism a good way to help your recovery is by eating healthy foods and doing regular exercise.

Drinking coffee can also help to boost metabolism however too much coffee can create other more serious side effects. Drinking water is a must but overdoing can also dilute your body salt levels.

Fibre rich breakfast can help to lose weight but again too much fibre can also cause diarrhea.

The bottom line is to keep everything level and balanced.