walk 10000 steps pedometer

Walking is the best cardio exercise and studies show that walking 10000 steps a day burns up to 661 calories and it only takes 138 minutes (2hours and 18minutes) to walk 5.55 kilometres.

A good daily workout means to burn 500 calories and this can be done in many sort of ways: walking, running, weight lifting, seat ups, swimming etc. However walking seems to be the most stress less way to exercise. And a good way to walk is by purchasing a pedometer that measures steps, distance and calories burned. Below are some stats based on real life experiment using a LCD pedometer purchased on eBay under £5

On average a healthy adult (weighing about 68 kg) commutes 2500 steps a day, this means that if you are a working adult who travels by bus and train in London you would be burning at least 165 calories by just reaching to your work place back and forth.

An average step is measured 56 centimetres and it is calculated by walking 10 steps and measuring the average of the distance travelled. This numbered means that you will burn 4.8 calories a minute or 72 steps every minute.

  • Walking 30 minutes will burn you 144 calories or 1.21 kilometres travelled and 2177 steps walked
  • Walking 60 minutes will burn you 288 calories or 2.42 kilometres travelled and 4354 steps walked
  • Walking 90 minutes will burn you 432 calories or 3.63 kilometres travelled and 6531 steps walked
  • Walking 120 minutes will burn you 576 calories or 4.84 kilometres travelled and 8708 steps walked
  • Walking 150 minutes will burn you 720 calories or 6.05 kilometres travelled and 10885 steps walked

Walking and heathy eating will ensure the longevity of your health and fitness, ideally you should have a healthy breakfast before you start that day.