Cyberattacks are on the rise with 236.1 million ransomware attacks occurring worldwide just in the first six months of 2022 alone. Hackers are utilizing network dark space–network infrastructure that doesn’t have firewalls or routers– with encrypted data that legacy tools cannot detect.

When hackers utilize IT professionals are left in the dark regarding potential threats. When security systems cannot detect encrypted threats, they are unable to alert the support teams. In fact, 59% of IT professionals say they cannot secure against encrypted traffic threats. With 90% of web traffic being encrypted in 2021, it can be difficult to detect where a threat is coming from, if it is even detected in time in the first place.

Network Detection and Response (NDR) systems detect suspicious network traffic that might be missed, allowing IT teams to respond better to hidden threats. NDR systems monitor traffic flows across the entire network and provide real-time alerts to ensure nothing is missed and all incidents are recorded and responded to. This allows support teams to better delegate which threats are most important to address which can save time to handle other smaller tasks during their day. These streamlined processes also allow more time for IT teams to understand where the holes in their network security are and how best to fix them.

These security systems can also monitor encrypted information as well as attribute the malicious behavior to a specific IP address. This not only identifies the threat, but can also locate exactly where it is coming from and prevent any repeat attacks coming from the same person. All information is saved and recorded to support retrospective threat intelligence and aid in any future threat hunting endeavors. 

NDR systems can be the solution to the ever pressing  problem of encrypted cyberattacks. Learn more about the benefits of these systems and how they can increase cybersecurity in the infographic below:

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