3 Reasons Why Diet is More Important than Exercise

Today we are going to discuss 3 reasons why diet is more important than exercise. In order to lose weight you need both, a healthy diet and regular exercise. However you should focus more on diet rather than exercise and here is why:

People have lost weight by simply changing their eating habits. Eating healthy means having less chances of suffering from any health condition. Regular exercise does the same thing, so why should I focus on diet?

You should focus on diet because what you eat is more important than what you burn. Your gym instructor will also tell you that exercise is only 20% the rest is diet.

What you consume will be digested, this means the food will break down and get distributed all over the body. Your blood will circulate and distribute the food nutrients to your body. Now if you eat healthy the chances are that your heart will respond positively. Changing eating habits is more important that regular exercise.

Also note that a bag of crisps contains 500 calories and in order to burn those calories you will need to walk 4. Instead if you choose to eat an apple you will be consuming less calories and still feel less hungry. Healthy greens are rich in vitamins and based on water which means they are low in calories and heavy enough to fill up your stomach.


3 Reasons Why Diet is More Important than Exercise

  1. Eating healthy means you will reduce your chances of suffering from: heart disease, cholesterol or any other health related issue. Exercise does the same however your body mechanism is design to digest food and to distribute food nutrients all over the body, something that exercise does not (you do not get food nutrients exercising).
  2. Green foods such as fruits and vegetables contain high levels of vitamins and minerals and are very low in calories. Your body also requires proteins and fiber in order to lose weight and build muscle. You can only get these is by eating healthy food. Exercise will only burn calories but will not provide you with body nutrients.
  3. You can lose weight but simply changing you eating habits.

There you are it 3 important reasons why you should focus on diet rather than exercise. Both are essential for losing weight but diet stands out to be more important than the other.