How Many Steps to Burn 1 Calorie (Between 14-20 Steps)

Today I will answer the ultimate question; how many steps does it take to burn 1 calorie? The answer is between 14 to 20 steps depending on your current weight and height (stride).

GPs and health professional always recommend that you should walk 10K steps a day or 20K if you are an athlete. I have wrote an article titled 97 Minutes on Treadmill is 10000 steps or 708 calories – you can read it here just click on the highlighted link.

Today I decided to walk 10K steps to find out how steps does it take to burn 1 calorie. It took me 97 minutes and according to my pedometer I burned 708 calories. My stride (distance between each step) is 62cm; this means I have walked over 6.2Km or 3.875 miles.

The above number will vary depending on your height or stride. Now if you do the maths you will find out that it took me 14 steps to burn 1 calorie (below is the calculation maths):

10000 steps / 708 calories = 14.124 steps per calorie

You can tell from the title that I suggested that it takes between 14-20 steps and this will always depend on your height and current weight. Because these 2 factors impacts in how many calories you will burn per step.

  1. The height will impact your step or stride measurement which means you can either have more or fewer steps per KM or mile.
  2. Your current weight will impact on how many calories you will burn based on your workout session (cardio).

So what does this data mean? It means that if you do not have a pedometer with you; you can still calculate how many calories you have burnt. It also means that to stay healthy you must do cardio exercise daily. Counting your daily calories intake and burn will help you to find out how much weight loss you have archived.

So there you have it! Your answer of how many steps it takes to burn 1 calories, answered.


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