Chromium is an essential trace mineral that people need in very small doses.  Chromium can be found in two different forms, one that is important to people, while the other is dangerous found in industrial pollution. 

Chromium can be found naturally in foods such as broccoli, liver, brewers yeast, potatoes, turkey breast, garlic, apples, green beans and orange juice. 

Chromium can also be found in supplemental form.  It is important to make sure you are taking proper dosages to avoid toxicity.  Supplemental forms of chromium are absorbed better than chromium found in foods. 

Deficiencies of chromium are rare.  There are not many symptoms of chromium deficiency, but two main ones are impaired glucose tolerance, and less efficient control of cholesterol.  


Chromium Health Benefits

Chromium has some benefits of why you would want to add it to your diet, or to your supplement regime.

Blood Sugar / Diabetes

Chromium is shown to help improve blood sugar especially in people who have type 2 diabetes.  Chromium has been shown to help raise blood sugar and lower insulin sensitivity to respond better.  In people who have a risk of developing type 2 diabetes taking a daily dose of chromium has shown to lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 

Weight Loss 

Chromium has shown to help enhance effects of insulin and lowers glucose levels.  Regulating blood sugar levels can help reduce food cravings.  In return, taking chromium can help reduce hunger and cravings in some people. 

Chromium in one study showed that taking a daily dose may reduce food intake, hunger, and cravings. 

In another study taking between 600-1000ug/day of chromium can help reduce binge eating and symptoms of depression. 

Chromium may not accelerate weight loss, but can help with decreasing food intake which can aid in weight loss.  It may also help support muscle mass increase.  

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a bunch of different conditions that raise risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.  Metabolic syndrome can cause insulin resistance.  Taking chromium can help with insulin sensitivity, which may help people who have metabolic syndrome. 

In one study taking chromium showed to lower the resting heart rate of people who suffer from metabolic syndrome.  

PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

There is a link between polycystic ovarian syndrome and diabetes.  This connection allows chromium to be beneficial for people who have PCOS as well. Studies have shown that chromium can help reduce insulin resistance, which can be effective for people who have PCOS. 

Cholesterol Levels

Dyslipidemia is a condition that causes abnormal cholesterol levels.  Chromium has also been shown to improve blood lipid levels as well.  Which can help normalize cholesterol levels.  



Side effects from taking chromium usually don’t occur.  The only chance you have adverse side effects is when taking too much chromium than you should.  Excessive dosing can cause weight loss, anemia, thrombocytopenia, liver dysfunction, renal failure, muscle breakdown, dermatitis, hypoglycemia, headaches, mood changes, or allergic reactions.  

Chromium can interact badly with certain medications.  It is important to speak with your doctor before taking chromium if you are on any medication.  Chromium can interact with insulin, anti diabetes medication and the thyroid medication Synthroid.  Breastfeeding and pregnant women should not take chromium.

Making sure you are taking the right amount of chromium is important to make sure toxicity doesn’t occur.  The amount you should take depends on your age and gender. 

  • Women ages 19-50 should take 25 micrograms per day. 
  • Women 51 and older should take 20 micrograms per day. 
  • Men 19-50 should take 35 micrograms per day. 
  • Men 51 and over dosage is 30 micrograms per day. 

There is some uncertainty of how much chromium is too much.  Some say that you shouldn’t have any more than 1000 micrograms per day or it is too much.  



Chromium can be found in spirulina.  Spirulina is rich in protein vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, and antioxidants. It contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, and manganese.  It may be one of the most nutritious foods on the planet.  It is also high in omega 3 fatty acids.



Chromium can help enhance effects of insulin and lower glucose levels.  This can be helpful for people who suffer from diabetes, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, or abnormal cholesterol levels. 

Chromium may also help lose weight, and gain muscle mass.  Chromium can be found in foods as well as in supplemental form. 

If you are on any medication talk with a doctor before taking chromium as a supplement because it can negatively interact with certain medications. 


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