Swap to Smaller Spoon Size to Lose Weight Fast at Home

Today I will going to share one of the best tips for weight loss! This is my personal favourite tip and it is about tablespoon size.

By simply swapping to a smaller spoon you can cut down between 80-250 calories a meal! Which in the end of the day could be the difference in losing weight faster without much effort from your part.

Cutting down calories intake has been proven to reduce weight along with regular exercise. Small changes such as swapping to a smaller spoon size can help you to cut down those calories intake and it is a very easy way to manage what you eat.

You also must have heard that you should split your 3 course meals in to 6 smaller portions. This is advisable because it boost metabolism and therefore helps to lose weight.

If you are like me and love Weetabix in the morning (I have wrote an article about how to lose 1kg or 2.2lb a week with Weetabix and Banana). You will be amazed that by simply swapping from your regular spoon to a smaller size tablespoon you will eventually eat less than you regularly do. This happens naturally because psychologically you think that you have eaten a lot and eventually you will get tired and stop eating. This is the secret for quick and easy weight loss.

This not only works on breakfast meals but also lunch and dinner. Plus if you follow the advisable guidelines on splitting 3 course meals in to 6 you will be saving at least 480 calories a day! Which is one whole workout session. And all it takes is to swap your regular spoon size in to a smaller size.

I know what you are thinking, surely you must realize that you are hungry because you have eaten less. You have to trust me on this. Over time you will get used to the smaller spoon size, it will take some time but eventually you and your body will get regular with the portions you eat.

That is it! My number 1 tip for losing weight fast at home; swapping your spoon size!