5 Easy Tips to Lose Weight Fast and Easy at Home

If you are struggling to lose weight; I have 5 easy tips to lose weight fast and easy at home for you! Follow each and every single tip and you will lose weight guaranteed.

Obesity has become a global issue, it is estimated that over one third of world population is considered over weighted or obese.

If You Want to Lose Weight and Fast – Eat More Food!

The reason behind this global problem is likely to be our eating and lifestyle habits. People nowadays tend to eat more junk food than before and this has contributed a lot regarding obesity.

People need to change their eating habits if they want to stay healthy. Obesity can cause numerous short and long term problems such as: type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc.


5 Easy Tips to Lose Weight Fast and Easy at Home

#1 Never Skip Breakfast

People tend to think that skipping breakfast will help them to lose weight since they are cutting down calories; but guess what skipping breakfast will also cause a big slowdown in your metabolism. The body mechanism that burn calories. This is why breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. So never skip breakfast!

#2 Drink Plenty of Water a Day

Most people struggle to lose weight simply because they do not drink enough water a day. Ideally you should drink 2/3 litres of water a day. This will help your body to stay hydrated and keep your body mechanism running at a smooth pace. I have wrote an article titled “How I Lost 10 kg in 6 Months with Just Water” you can read it by clicking the highlighted link.

#3 Split your 3 course Meal into 6 Small Portions

Generally speaking 3 course meal means: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Studies show that people who split their 3 course meals into 6 small portions tend to lose weight faster. The science behind this consists in body metabolism. You see every time you eat your body metabolism starts running. Therefore the more times your metabolism starts running the more calories you will burn.

#4 Choose a Smaller Spoon Size

Eating in a smaller spoon size helps to lose weight. Studies show that people who eat in a smaller spoon size tend to eat around 20% less food than they would if they were eating in a bigger spoon size. Every little tweak helps to lose weight and when these little changes add up it will save you hundreds of calories a week!

#5 Walk 10000 Steps a Day

Cardio is the best exercise for overall body. And if you want to lose weight you must do some sort of exercise; because the title of this article is to lose weight at home, I suggest that you walk 10000 steps a day. It should take you between 120-150 minutes. You do not have to do all in one go, you can spread it throughout the day. I suggest you buy a pedometer to keep track of your steps.

That is it! 5 easy tips to lose weight fast at home. I can assure you that if you follow every single tip share in this article you will notice a great positive changes in your life!