How to Lose 60lbs Fast Without Starving

Today I will guide you in how to lose 60 pounds fast without starving! Losing weight is hard for many and most of us want to lose weight. Studies show that over 65% of people are not happy with their current weight and statistics show that one third of people is obese or over weighted.

3 Lifestyle Changes Helps Lose Weight Not Gym Everyday

The science behind weight loss consist of eating well and doing exercise. Eating well simply means eating lots of greens and proteins and avoiding fatty foods. This sounds simple but many struggle to lose weight and this is what I am going to tackle today.

We all lose those fatty junk foods now end then and most of us cannot avoid them because of lack of time and work placement. Junk food is very unhealthy food type and it can cause numerous health problems in long run.

So here is how to lose 60lbs fast without starving:

  1. Drink at least 2/3 litres of water a day. Water has zero calories and it can easily fill up your stomach for some time, the downside of water is urination. But if you want to lose weight fast you need to be hydrated.
  2. Never skip a healthy breakfast, this is the most important meal of the day and skipping breakfast can trigger weight gain and an uneven metabolic rate.
  3. Count you calories daily, download a mobile app and put in your diary what you have eat so far. A great mobile app example is NOOM.
  4. Never exceed your daily calorie intake against your BMR to calculate BMR you can use the Ideal Weight android app from Johnmcenroy (BMI). With simple age, height and weight inputs that app will calculate you daily BMR.
  5. Finally walk at least 5000 steps a day to burn 300 calories based on your current weight, height and age. More about walking exercise read my earlier blogpost Walk 10000 Steps a Day and burn 661 Calories