Lose 6.5lbs By Cutting Down 64 Calories a Day (Childhood Obesity)

Childhood obesity is a global issue, it is estimated that more than 16 percent of young people are obese. A study done in American Journal of Preventative Medicine (AJPM) showed that if these kids do not show drastic changes in their diet and lifestyle the number of obese people could rise to 20 percent! The study also suggest that by simply cutting down 64 calories a day to children aged 2 to 19 could drastically reduce the childhood the obesity rate.

Cutting down just 64 calories a day sounds insignificant but these really add up over 1 year time. Study also shows that children who are morbidly obese they should cut significantly more than 64 calories. This number is just an average but it should be followed religiously and parent should encourage their young to cut down 64 calories a day.

Cutting Down 64 Calories a Day

To start this new regime you should encourage your child to start counting calories they intake. Ideally you should encourage them to cut down between 64 to 120 calories a day! Below is an example chart in how this new regime could work:

  • 1/2 can of soda is about 87 calories.
  • 1/4 slice of pizza is around 71 calories.
  • 6 potato chips is around 64 calories.
  • 1 pancake is 69 calories.
  • 13 cheese puffs is 64 calories.
  • 1/14 of cheeseburger is 64 calories

As you see I mentioned the most common food that children these days is likely to consume. Cutting down the above showed amount will drastically help your child in fighting obesity. Sugar and sweets are likely candidates to fully stop. Frizzy drinks also contain high amount of sugar, taking a look into the nutrition chart you can find out how much of this drink you should drink or cut down. These simple but effective methods will work in fighting global childhood obesity.

I also encourage young people to follow online diet and weight loss blogs as they are very informative and it is a great start for someone who needs a little more encouragement. And who knows someday your child will also write his own blog and share his or her weight loss experience with the world.

Cutting down 64 calories a day is not hard and for a period of 12 months you have cut down over 23360 calories which in other terms means a reduction of 3kgs or 6.5lbs!


Growth charts for children can be found here: