How I Lost 10 kg in 6 Months By Driking 5 Litres of Water a Day

Today I am going to share with you an autopilot way to lose 10 kg of body fat fast with water. Water is the only known material to have zero calories.

I have personally lost over 10 kg of body fat with water diet in just 6 months. All I did is to drink 5 litres of water throughout the day and that was it!

To determine your percentage of body fat click here for Health Surgeon’s Body Fat Percentage Calculator.

Water is essential for the body, it not only hydrates the body but also cools down the body functions. And water can be used to lose pounds.

I used to be 108 kg (read my earlier blogpost titled How I Lost 30Kg in 6 Months the Best Diet Plan Ever). In that article I share valuable tips in how to lose 30kg fast. This article is related but it specifically targets the water diet.

Many doctors and medical practitioners will tell you that drinking more than 2/3 litres of water a day will dilute your body salt levels, therefore you shouldn’t exceed this daily amount.

Although this is true but I managed to lose 10 kg of body fat by drinking 5 litres of water a day without causing any sort of negative side effects. If you follow the link shared above you will know exactly how I lost so many pounds in just 6 months. I lost 30kg but out of those 30, 10 kg was lost by simply drinking 5 litres of water a day!

Here is what I did:

  • I drank 1 litre of water before breakfast everyday
  • 2 litres of water between breakfast and lunch time
  • 2 litres of water after lunch but before 6pm

That is it! I spread my whole day till 6 o’clock evening and the reason why I did this is to not wet my pants at night! LOL

Drinking this much amount of water made me urinate a lot! But that was a small price to pay to get awesome results. I was able to lose 10 kgs of body fat in just 6 months by simply drinking 5 litres of water a day! And so can you! So what are you waiting for? Start your water diet program today and lost body fat on autopilot guaranteed!


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