How I Lost 10 kg in 6 Months By Driking 5 Litres of Water a Day

When it comes to improving your overall health, nothing beats the simplicity of drinking enough water. Water is the foremost nutrient that your body needs for optimal performance of various bodily functions. Drinking plentiful water throughout the day helps keep lethargy, fatigue and headache away. Water also aids in weight loss by helping boost metabolism. The best part, water helps reduce the risk of many diseases as it aids in better absorption of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

In contrast, the  pitfalls of consuming large amounts of sugar-sweeten beverages  are many. From brain fatigue to indigestion & flatulence to obesity, sugary drinks can have a negative impact on your health over time.

  • High-sugar consumption can cause kidney damage, making it difficult to eliminate toxins and waste from the body.
  • It can interfere with the calcium absorption in the body leading to bone and muscle weakness.
  • It can also lead to bad oral health, as fizzy drinks weaken your tooth enamel, resulting in cavities and tooth decay.

To combat all these ill-effects of sugary drinks, you need to switch to water as it provides abundant health benefits. One of the top benefits of water is improved blood circulation.

Soft drinks can cause irregularity in the performance of your blood vessels leading to high blood pressure, digestive issues, reduce blood flow to the brain, among others. Water can help improve the workings of the blood circulatory system, ensuring that there are no impediments. This can help facilitate the smooth functioning of blood flow to vital organs.

Likewise, one of the reasons for chronic fatigue and lethargy is drinking excessive caffeinated and sugary drinks which can lead to dehydration, mood swings and irritability. Thus, you can easily overcome these ill-effects by switching to water, and you’ll notice visible changes in your overall physical, emotional and mental health.


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