7 portion of fruits and vegetables a day

A study made by University College London shows that eating 7 portions of healthy green foods (fruits and vegetables) can help treating cancer and heath diseases. The survey consisted of 65,226 men and women and was proven that eating more fruits and veg in your diet prolongs the mortality rate.

Experts say that other factors also contribute to the drop of mortality rate such as: smoking and lifestyle and this study made in University College London took that into account as well.

They analyzed the data between 2001-2008 and used the national health survey (questioning nurses, health specialist and doctors) about people lifestyle, diet and habits.

The data showed that the premature death from cancer, heart disease and stroke could be prevented by simple diet and lifestyle changes. In other words if these patients had a good healthy diet of fruits and veggies they could prevent the premature death of their condition.

Here is a percentage of deaths that could be prevented by simply eating more fruits and vegetables a day:

  • 14% by eating 1 to 3 portions of fruits and veggies a day
  • 29% by eating 3 to 5 fruits and veggies a day
  • 36% by eating 6 to 7
  • 49% by eating 7 or more fruits and veggies a day!

As you can see, nearly half of cancer, hearth and stroke patients deaths could be prevented if they simply ate 7 of more fruits and vegetables a day!

The best diet are fresh vegetables followed by fruits, juices are considerate having no effects whatsoever researchers say. While canned fruit can increase the risk of death because they contain high levels of sugar and syrup.

1 portion simply means 80g, therefore eating 560g of fruits and veggies a day will prevent mortality rate from cancer, heart disease or stroke.