Lose 6lbs a Month by Doing Daily Walks or Treadmill

Today we will discuss how to lose 6lbs or 3kg a month by simply doing daily walks at your Local Park or treadmill.

Walking is the best cardiovascular exercise for the whole body, and today we will focus on how to lose weight by simply walking 10km a day.

I walk at a pace of 4km/h and with this pace it takes me around 150 minutes or 2h 30m to walk 10km.

Ideally you want to walk at least 10000 steps a day. 10km is roughly around 15000 steps which is well above the daily recommended walking dose by many health specialists.

Generally speaking it takes between 14-19 steps to burn 1 calories; this number varies depending on your current weight, height, age and speed. Which means walking 10km a day will burn you between 750-1000 calories. And the best part is that you do not need to do all in one go.

Most people think that walking 10km a day means to be an athlete or to to do 150 minutes straight on a treadmill.

Walking 10km a day is not difficult and it can easily be spread over your daily routine life (hours between 8am to 20pm).

The facts is that walking around your house will also count towards your goal. I suggest you buy a pedometer and start counting your daily steps. A simple walk to your local supermarket, school, work, Local Park, etc. will also count as a daily walking workout. Counting steps will definitely help you to archive your daily target of 10km a day.

Now lets do that math:

10km daily walk = 750 calories burned

750 calories x 30 days = 22500 calories burned in a month

3500 calories burned = 1lbs lost

22500 / 3500 = 6.42lbs lost in a month or roughly 3kg

There you have it! How to lose 3kg in month by simply doing daily walks at your Local Park or treadmill. Plus there are many health benefits in doing daily walks. It regulates your blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol. Just do a simple 10km daily walk for a month and see the difference in you!


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