Zika Virus Spread Symptoms Diagnosis and Treatments

Today we will discuss the Zika virus spread symptoms, diagnosis and possible treatments. In 2014 Ebola strike and this year 2016 Zika virus strike. Both are difference but threatening diseases.

I have wrote an article back in 2014 titled How To Avoid Ebola Virus Disease Symptoms and Risks. Today I will write about the Zika virus symptoms, diagnosis and treatments.

As you know Zika is spreading fast over the South Americas, mainly in Brazil but is likely to become a global outbreak. Millions of people travel to South America and they are likely to catch this disease and spread over their local territories. Many aviation authorities, doctors and even governments are advising to not travel to counties where Zika is in action.

Symptoms of Zika Virus

  • People who get infected with mosquito bites that have Zika virus become ill and develop Zika. The current statistics suggest that 1 in 5 people develop the Zika disease.
  • The common symptoms of Zika virus are: fever, joint pain, muscle pain and headaches.
  • The symptoms gravity are mild and last several days for up to a week.
  • Zika virus remains in the blood and requires hospitalization in severe cases
  • Zika Virus causes microcephaly in new born babies, which makes their heads smaller with abnormal brain development.
  • Deaths are very rare but that does not mean that you should take this disease lightly (especially if you are pregnant!).

Diagnosis of Zika Virus

  • Your doctor or nurse should ask you where did you travelled and based on the fact he/she will ask for blood tests.
  • If you see symptoms like dengue or chikungunya you should see your doctor, as the symptoms are very similar.
  • Local authorities in countries where Zika virus is found have lots of medial resources for diagnosing the Zika virus spread.

Possible Treatments for Zika Virus

  • There is no vaccine or medicine to prevent or even cure Zika virus.
  • If you get infected with Zika virus get plenty of rest.
  • Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration.
  • Avoid aspirin, pain killers such as ibuprofen until doctors ruled out the possible dengue as it can lead to hemorrhage or bleeding. Is better to ask a medical professional before taking any sort of drugs.
  • Remember that mosquito bites causes the spread the Zika Virus, therefore if your house is infected with mosquitos make sure that you call an exterminator; to kill and remove mosquitoes infestation from your house.

There you have it! Zika virus spread, symptoms, diagnosis and possible treatments. Do not take Zika virus lightly and if you are pregnant I pledge you not to travel to counties where Zika is in action. It can damage the brain development of your new born baby. So do not take this risk and stay safe.