Allergy Reduction Pack

Allergy and the Body’s Response

Allergies are not rare, and chances are you and/or someone you know has at least one. Allergens are objects/substance that threaten your body’s immune system.

You might have be wondering, is there an easier and more natural way to manage allergies?

Yes! With Purium Products.

Simply put, allergies are bodily reactions to allergens/antigens. Think of it as your immune system’s hypersensitivity to some things. It sees a threat and it reacts–even when that “threat” is just pollen or dust.

However, we can prepare our bodies for allergy season by supporting our immune systems.

As it turns out, the foods we eat and don’t eat can affect how our bodies respond.
Digestive enzymes and certified-organic aloe vera and alkalizing greens can help keep your gut clean and allergy symptoms at bay.

    • Supports healthy immune function
  • May help nutrient absorption
  • May promote healthy digestion

The Allergy Reduction Pack contains:

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