Green Spectrum

Organic Purium Green Spectrum with a natural Lemon Flavor

Earth is the ultimate prism. Every green plant captures a different wavelength of light and energy from the sun. Spectrum Greens is a beautiful collection of juices from sea plants, field grasses and garden vegetables.  This product from Purium will alkalize your body, build up your blood, and cleanse your cells.

  • May support increased immune system function
  • Great source of chlorophyll and green vegetable nutrients
  • Aids in healthy pH and oxygen levels

Green Spectrum captures a beautiful collection of 15 different superfoods and greens, including sea plants, field grasses (like wheatgrass) and garden vegetables and adds a subtle lemon flavor.  Green Spectrum is a synergistic combination of many of earth’s vibrant green plants, all in one product. This blend captures a different wavelength of light and energy from the sun.

Organic Green Spectrum is a beautiful collection of sea plants, juiced field grasses, and garden vegetables that deliver a wide spectrum of green plant nutrients and phytochemicals from the sun directly to your body.

These nutrient-dense green ingredients may support healthy alkalinity and oxygen levels, which can also help support healthy blood glucose levels.

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Purium Green Spectrum Ingredients:

  • Certified Organic Alfalfa Leaf Juice
  • Certified Organic Barley Grass Juice
  • Certified Organic Oat Grass Juice
  • Certified Organic Wheatgrass Juice
  • Certified Organic Spirulina
  • Certified Organic Chlorella
  • Certified Organic Sea Kelp
  • Certified Organic Parsley
  • Certified Organic Broccoli
  • Certified Organic Cabbage
  • Certified Organic Kale
  • Certified Organic Dandelion Leaf
  • Certified Organic Broccoli Sprout
  • Certified Organic Dulse

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