There are many different kinds of green drinks that you can make that taste great. The Green Giant drink is a mix of different kinds of super foods that can help improve your energy levels and boost immune function. Some of the ingredients in the drink are bee pollen, chia seeds and green spectrum. Finally, another great choice is the green machine smoothie which includes a bunch of different leafy vegetables, a cup of frozen mangos and spirulina to add some antioxidants to it.

Key Takeaways:

  • The green giant drink has some green spectrum in it as well as aloe digest for better consumption.
  • A green machine smoothie can be made with some frozen mango, leafy greens and spirulina.
  • A cucumber parsley slushy is the perfect way to relax on a hot day and it also helps with joint recovery.

“Drinking green juices regularly is a quick and easy way to nourish your body with these dark leafy greens every day!”

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