We have all been there, when we have eaten too much and feel bloated, have an upset stomach, or even pains from gas.  Especially around the holidays which all seem to be based around a meal or some kind of food with friends or family.  Gastric reflux can also cause you troubles.  It can be hard to know what is the best thing to take for these kinds of ailments.  Or should you let your body just handle it on its own?  There is nothing wrong with a little support when it comes to your digestion.  What should you look for to know that it is going to do you more good than not? 

The first thing is to find something that has all organic ingredients.  The less processed this stuff is the better your body will absorb it and it will help your body more naturally.  

Next you will want to focus on something that holds the best ingredients for digestive health.  Ginger root is a great organic ingredient to help with nausea relief, motion sickness, and even gas pain.  Another one is turmeric.  These by themselves may not be the greatest of tastes, nor do many people want to take a ginger or turmeric shot to help their digestion.  But you can find digestive aids that have these included where the taste is masked by other things.  Another good ingredient for digestive health are probiotics.  Probiotics help balance the good bacteria in your stomach.  As well as they can help prevent and treat diarrhea.  Fiber and plant based fibers are also good.  They help normalize bowel movements and maintain bowel health.  A very popular thing these days is fervor, or fermented beverages.  This can be things fermented like kimchi, or sauerkraut.  You can also ferment vegetables.  Drinks that include this are kombucha or some fermented tea blends.  Fervor has shown to stop an increase in acid build up, as well as helping heal the stomach overall.  Another good thing to look for are polysaccharides.  These are carbohydrates whose molecules consist of a number of sugar molecules that are bonded together.  The four most popular are glycogen, cellulose, starch, and Inulin.  These support overall immune health and function.  

A good product that covers most of these as well as being organic is Purium’s Aloe Digest.  This is a product that has been shown to promote health digestion, promote healthy immune function, and help your body with overall nutrient absorption.  It comes in a powder form that you add a tablespoon of to 8 oz of water.  The main ingredients in the Aloe digest are Organic coconut water powder, organic Acacia gum fiber,organic Pea fiber, organic Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin, organic Brown rice extract, Organic ginger root powder, organic Apple flavor, organic lemon powder, and organic Aloe Vera powder.  

Already in this ingredient list you can pull out some of the important ingredients that are beneficial to digestive health.  Ginger root can be found in Aloe digest, along with plant based fibers, and polysaccharides.  Aloe vera has also shown to help break down sugars and fats in the stomach and help the digestive system to work smoothly.   It can help irritation in the stomach and bowels and has been shown to help people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  With the Aloe vera drink coming with coconut water powder it will help rehydrate you as well.  

The Aloe digest drink has a clean, crisp taste to it that is so light and refreshing.  It has a more citrusy taste to it with a tiny kick of ginger behind it that isn’t overpowering.  People have reviewed stating it has calmed their acid reflux.  It is not overly expensive and has countless reviews of people stating how it has helped their stomach issues time and time again.  If you start to feel an upset stomach coming on or are unsettled after eating too much, mixing up an Aloe digest may give you the relief you need.  With all organic ingredients to help promote healthy digestion, and promote healthy immune function it may be worth a try.  

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