Chocolate Diet to Lose Weight this Easter

The chocolate diet to lose weight fast, eat 1250 calories of chocolate a day and lose 7lbs or 3kgs in just 2 weeks this Easter.

We think chocolate as a guilty pleasure but now we know that eating this sweet 3 times a day can help you to lose weight. By simply following a 2 week chocolate diet you can lose up to 7lb or 3kgs!

Easter is just around the corner, perfect to start your Easter diet plan and slim down a dress size.

In Easter many of us pile down on pounds but now in this 2015 Easter we can change that and start a chocolate diet that actually can help us to lose weight and melt body fat.

A study was made in the University of California that showed that people who consume chocolate in regular bases have a faster metabolism despite of it huge calorie and sugar value. And the study also showed that chocolate has many other health benefits such as regulating blood pressure (dark chocolate) and even lowering cholesterol levels.

And an even more recent study from University of Cambridge showed that people of eat chocolate every day are less likely to suffer a stroke and less likely to suffer any heart disease in their lifetime (by 37%).

The cocoa bean that is found on chocolate (key ingredient) is responsible for these health benefits. Cocoa is also found in tea, red wine and many other antioxidants.

So with this in mind lets start our 2 weeks chocolate diet and spread 1250 calories on pure chocolate in the morning, afternoon and at night and still lose weight. Here is how to do:

  • 300 calories of chocolate at breakfast (morning)
  • 450 calories of chocolate at lunch (afternoon)
  • 500 calories of chocolate at dinner time (night)


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